Cost of Lap Band Surgery


LapBand gastric plication cost

We are excited to say that over 70% of insurance companies pay for weight loss surgery.
If you will be working with your insurance company to cover the cost of surgery, please visit our Lap Band Insurance page.


This page is intended primarily as a resource for people who either do not wish to go through the insurance process for approval or who do not have insurance that covers the procedure.
For those that have insurance that covers Lap Band weight loss surgery, be aware that your out of pocket expenses are usually just a few hundred dollars, or even less, depending on your co-pay or deductible.


Special Pricing for self-pay patients has been extended.


If your insurance won't cover weight loss surgery, or you don't want to jump through their hoops, we have the solution for you.



Our current cost for LapBand is $10,900. This includes surgeon's fees, anesthesiology fees, surgery center fees and fills in the office for 12 months.
There are no hidden costs for the typical patient.


The most popular procedure is the LapBand with gastric plication. The cost for this is $11,999. This includes everything included in the LapBand price and also, one night hotel stay for out of town patients and 18 months of standard post op visits and fills as needed. Call today to take advantage of this special offer!


Once you add up all the costs related to being seriously overweight, you might realize that it might be cheaper to do something now and not delay. It is estimated that the personal cost of obesity can exceed $15,000 per year.



Weight-related expenses Estimated annual costs
Medical/drug costs (BMI>35) $5965
Out-of-pocket healthcare expenses $2,182
Employment inactivity costs $900
Commercial weight-loss program fees $600
Prescription co-pays (5 meds, $10 each) $600
Grocery and dining costs $5,321
Total $15,568



Think the table above doesn't apply to you? Are you on any medicines? Have you ever missed work because your back hurts or knees hurt or you just feel too tired? Do you spend money on programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or special diets? Think of the money you spend on groceries or eating out and imagine if you could get by with eating less.


If your insurance company does not provide coverage for the Lap Band procedure, there are several alternatives that can be considered as viable payment options.



Options include using a 401(k) fund, savings or stocks.


Credit Cards

You may be able to take advantage of some low rates that are available with many credit cards. C redit cards are often as easy to qualify for as a loan; in addition, many credit card companies offer flexible payments and faster decisions. Please keep in mind, however, that their interest rates are subject to change.



Options include loans from a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. Loan approval and eligibility is generally be based on credit history. Lenders often take into consideration credit ratings, current earnings, and assets owned such as a car or home. Multiple borrowers increase the of loan approval. This means that you may consider asking a loved one to co-sign or to apply for the loan on your behalf. Here is a table with examples of what monthly payments are for a loan of $10,000 for various terms.



Monthly Payments
  3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
5% $299.70 $188.71 $106.06
10% $322.67 $212.47 $132.15
15% $346.65 $237.89 $161.33

There are financing options that we can offer help with in our office including CareCredit and Prosper HealthCare Lending.


Potential Tax Savings

In the year in which you finance your Lap Band procedure, you may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars back in potential tax savings. Some people can potentially save over $2,000 from tax refunds!. Think of this as a discount on your procedure! IRS Publication 502 states you can deduct your medical and dental expenses when they total more than 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income. Speak with your tax advisor.

For more specific questions about Lap Band surgery costs contact Susan in our office.

Click here for a pamplet explaining the medical
expense deduction
Click here to view
IRS publication 502


  • Maxcine has lost 89 pounds in a little over a year, and is still going strong! She used to take 15 medication pills per day, and is off of all of them. Way to go Maxcine!
  • We call Jeff "Mr Lap Band Oklahoma!" Jeff lost 130 pounds in the first year after Lap Band surgery. Here he is showing off with the belt he used to wear!
  • Kelli was just 19 years old when she had her Lap Band and lost over 170 pounds in the first year after surgery.
  • Amy has lost 78 pounds since surgery and has more energy and feels better than she did before!